What is the mission of the Bee-hive ? The intensity of the Capitalism Crisis, which emerged in 2008, manifested the structural nature of this crisis. Then, it set off a surge of worldwide anti-capitalism protests, of which the “Wall Street Protest Movement” became an epitome. The latter proved that, the sheer majority of the world population abhors the current social- economic system; and they are in pursuit of a radical alternative in place of the anti-human and anti-nature system of capitalism. From Tunisia to Los Angles, from Istanbul to Sao Paulo and Cairo and tens of other cities around the word, tens of millions of people in demonstrations, rallies and clashes with capitalism’s police, showed their disillusionment... Read more..


The Crisis Of Capitalism And  Alternative

Of World Working Class

What we are witnessing now, is not the making of a few greedy bankers. It is a crisis of capitalism which has emerged as a financial crisis.

Since 2008, the spectre of unrelenting mass layoffs; denying the youth the first experience of building their lives by condemning them to unemployment; gobbling up full-time employment by poorly paid temporarily part-time jobs; abolition of laws against unfair dismissal thus paving the way for attacking the level of wages; introduction of a raft of increased taxes on working classes; dismantling of collective bargaining; colossal house repossessions leading to rocketing number of homeless at the backdrop of cruel boarded empty homes; condemning the unemployed to shiver in the cold because they cannot afford to pay the bill for their electricity and gas supply; assaulting on  meagre welfare of elderly people and slashing pension provisions; hacking education budgets; mushrooming of  kitchen soaps and food stamps queues in otherwise prosperous countries; robbing happy smiles from  the face of children and forcing many, young and old, to surrender to depression and mental disorders; causing many family break-ups because of harsh economic circumstances; have all been haunting capitalism from the European countries to the very heart of bellicose but desperate USA superpower.